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Come dream with me

We're changing it up.

Here's how.

The Insightful Interpreter was designed to offer CEU opportunities that challenge your mind without all of the challenging logistics. Here is what it could look like:

You enroll in a course like Consumer Orientation 101, which is broken into four short modules. It’s a weekday morning, so you sit down with your coffee and watch the ten-minute video that kicks off Module 1. You take a look at the activity section just to get an idea of what’s in store for you, then you go about your day.

You go to work, and as the day goes on you start to notice some real-world examples of the key points that you remember from the video. By the time you get home you are brimming with questions and ideas. When you have a free 15 minutes, you pick up Module 1 where you left off. The activity section offers several options to choose from, so you pick something that fits your learning style. Because the information you absorbed this morning has been in the back of your mind all day, your thoughts flow easily and the 15 minutes are up before you know it.

You have a busy week, so you wait until the following weekend to jump into Module 2. Again, you watch a short video, then check out the activity options. One of the suggestions is that you have a conversation with a colleague, mentor, or consumer about what you just learned. Perfect! You’re meeting a Deaf friend for happy hour later, and while you’re there you ask for their perspective on the subject. The conversation is fun, interesting, and gives you a different lens on the topic.

Modules 3 and 4 unfold in similar ways. You fit the videos and activities into your schedule, and when you have to pause in the middle of a module you don't feel stressed because you know you can come back to it later. You start to notice opportunities to apply what you are learning to your practice. Because you are internalizing the information while you work, you have plenty of context to help you frame your thoughts.

By the time you complete the course you have spent time reflecting on your own experience and beliefs, had conversations with colleagues and consumers, and experimented with making changes in your own work.

This, of course, is not the only way to approach our courses. Maybe knocking a course out in one weekend is a better fit for your life and schedule. No problem! Maybe you are on a hiatus or you are new to the interpreting field so you don’t have any current experiences to hang the information on. Instead, your thoughts are more along the line of, “I think I would…” That’s fine too!

We want to meet you wherever you are. It’s YOUR learning journey and you get to decide what works best for you. Our job is to provide excellent content, and your job is to do your best learning, no matter what that looks like.


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