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Insightful Connections offers an opportunity to work through one of our on-demand courses with a cohort of colleagues.

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Learn in Community

Love the flexibility of self-paced courses but miss connecting with colleagues?

A dedicated Facebook group allows for asynchronous discussion and connection.

Optional live sessions are a place to take a deeper dive and form community.

Get a Little Structure

Do you function well on a deadline?  Need some accountability?

Follow our schedule and complete a course in less than ONE hour a week!

This structure is designed for flexibility: work on activities whenever is convenient for you, live sessions are optional.

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How does it work?

It's easy! 


Step 1: Sign up for the course the current cohort is focused on  (Already signed up?  You can participate too!  See the FAQs below.)

Step 2: Sign up for Insightful Connections: Voicing Cohort (it's free!) by the deadline.

You will receive a welcome email with an invitation to the Facebook group and more info about what to expect, including weekly emails and opportunities to connect with your cohort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much of the work is done with others, and how much is independent?

You will be working your way through one of our courses independently, but the cohort model means that you will be following a schedule and sharing your experiences and learnings with others along the way. 


Our courses are designed for solo work, which means they are comfortably paced and include very clear instructions.  The fun part of joining a cohort is knowing that others are working on the same modules you are and that you'll have opportunities to check in with each other as you go. 

Do we get additional CEUs for this?

There are no additional CEUs for joining the cohort, but there will be opportunities to attend live discussions instead of some of the independent activities outlined in the course.  These options will be made very clear in the email reminders and Facebook group.

How will I connect with my colleagues?

We have set up a dedicated Facebook group just for this cohort!  Like everything else, joining the Facebook group is optional, but we are hoping it will be a convenient place for discussion and connection.  There will also be two live discussions on Zoom, where you can meet other folks from your cohort as well as Jeff, the presenter, and CJ from The Insightful Interpreter.

What if I can’t make the live sessions?

No worries!  Live sessions are optional, and while we will miss you, you can also just do the activities outlined in the course on your own.

How strict is the schedule?

The schedule is meant to be an accountability resource for you, which means you get to follow it as much or as little as you want.  We hope it helps, but no judgment if you work ahead or behind.

What if I’ve already completed part of the course?

Anyone who has signed up for the course the current cohort is focused on is welcome to join this cohort.  If you have finished part of the course but are struggling to get across the finish line, this structure, schedule, and group accountability might be just what you need. If you have already fully completed the course, you are welcome to start again, this time with colleagues!  You're guaranteed to learn something new.

If I have already completed the course but take it again with a cohort, do I earn CEUs again?

You can only earn CEUs for the course once, but when you complete an Insightful course you maintain access to the material. Working your way through it again with colleagues means you are continuing to improve your skills as well as optimizing your purchase.

What if I fall behind and don’t finish the course? 

Life happens!  We want you to finish the course because we think it will benefit your practice (and because we love awarding CEUs).  Ultimately, the time frame is up to you.

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