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The Insightful Interpreter was founded with the idea that online professional development can be effective, meaningful, and align with our values. 


Read more below about who we are and our vision for our offerings.

Our Founder

The Insightful Interpreter was founded by CJ (Colleen Jones, MA, NIC), an interpreter based in Seattle, Washington.

CJ loves working closely with presenters to create unique, user-friendly, in-depth professional development opportunities for sign language interpreters.

Our Presenters

We love working with presenters who want to share their knowledge, experience, and research with the world.

Presenters work hard to create original content that offers diverse perspectives, a nice balance of information delivery & application, and loads of resources so you can follow your curiosity.

The Insightful Interpreter honors their work by ensuring course creators maintain their intellectual property and are paid a percentage of every sale.

Our Values

As we grow, we want to ensure that we maintain a Deaf-centered mindset and that our values are at the forefront of our decision-making.

As a touchstone for ourselves and a way of communicating our vision, we established 5 Guiding Principles.

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Our Community

We are proud to be building a community of thoughtful practitioners who take their role in people's lives as seriously as we do.

If you are looking for a place where you can build your skills and reflect on your decision-making, you've found it!

Stay up-to-date on everything we've got going on by joining our mailing list and following us on social media.


Get in touch any time! 

We're so glad you're here.

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