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Frequently Asked Questions

See below for videos describing how The Insightful Interpreter is designed to be different and answers to frequently asked questions for participants and presenters.  Still have questions?  Email us.

Designed to be Different- ASL

Designed to be Different- English

The Insightful Interpreter was founded with the goal of providing flexible and engaging CEU opportunities for sign language interpreters.


Our professional development courses are available on demand and offer meaningful content. Learning activity options allow you to consider and apply the information in ways that are interesting and relevant to you.


No busy work. No policing.

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You are the expert in your own learning and experience


We're glad you're here!

Want to know more about our vision and how we operate?  Check out the FAQs below and our Guiding Principles here.

 FAQ for Participants 


Do you offer a discount for Deaf and/or BIPOC interpreters?

Yes!  The Insightful Interpreter recognizes that Deaf and BIPOC interpreters have unique skill sets, expertise, and valuable perspectives that benefit the interpreting field. These interpreters also experience bias, oppression, and barriers in our field and our society; in response, we offer discounts on all courses to self-identified members of these groups.

Are there deadlines?

Nope!  In order to receive CEUs, you must complete all elements of the course and the evaluation form. You are welcome to do this at your own pace. Need a little structure?  You can sign up for our optional reminder emails, and we will send you friendly nudges at a cadence that fits your goals. Regardless of when you finish, you maintain access to the content for the lifetime of the course.

Our approach is unique because our courses are self-paced, and you do not have to work your way through them on any particular schedule. Additionally, courses are broken into modules, so there are natural places to take breaks. Walk away any time, then come back and pick up where you left off. We want you to engage when you can do your best learning.

Will I be interacting with other participants or the presenter?

Unless otherwise stated, our courses do not include a live component. While comments on some modules might be optional/required, you are not required to respond to others. 


If you want to discuss a course with colleagues, several courses include an optional Group Study Guide add-on. Form your own group, take a course together, and earn CEUs for sharing what you're learning.

What am I expected to do?

Courses include a mix of video content and self-guided activities, such as responding to reflective prompts.


Unless otherwise stated, you are expected to watch all of the videos (remember that you can take breaks as needed!).


Activities are designed to give you an opportunity to process the information and consider how it relates to your practice. Clear instructions and options are provided so you can decide how best to use your time. The goal is for you to learn and reflect, and that looks different for everyone.


Do I have to show my work?

Sometimes a presenter might ask you to share your thoughts on the content or what you've learned.  In general, though, activities are designed for your own reflection, learning, and application. It is never our goal to create busy work or to police your learning.  We believe you know what is meaningful for you, you will do your best, and that might look different for everyone.

Any special technology requirements?

Just a web browser! Course videos are built into the platform we use, so no need to download or toggle between multiple windows. Some activity options will require things like a pen and paper, simple recording capability (like your smartphone), or additional word processing. Activity instructions will make this very clear and will offer alternatives.

How do I make sure my CEUs show up on my transcript for this cycle?

In order to ensure that your CEUs appear on your transcript for the current year, you must complete the course and CEU form by the end of the day on December 31st. 


What is the refund policy?

We know that life happens.  Refunds within 30 days of purchase will be considered on a case by case basis.  Refund requests can be made by emailing



 FAQ for Presenters 


Why should I create a course with The Insightful Interpreter?

If you have thought deeply about a topic that would benefit interpreters’ professional development, creating a course with The Insightful Interpreter is a great way to reach a global audience.  You can create your course (and earn CEUs for it!) at no cost to you, and we will support you every step of the way.  In addition, The Insightful Interpreter respects your work - you maintain the rights to your content and earn money every time a student purchases your course.


To learn more about presenting with The Insightful Interpreter, see our Present with us page.


Can I tweak my course after it has been posted?

Yes!  We encourage presenters to collect meaningful data from participants, and to use this data along with feedback from course evaluations to make adjustments and improvements to the course.  This information may also guide you in creating live discussion groups, coaching sessions, and/or additional courses.


How do I get CEUs as a presenter?

As a presenter you can get up to 2.0 CEUs for developing your course - at no cost to you!  Follow our simple process and get approval BEFORE you start working on your course, keep track of the time you put into it, and then report back once your course has been created.  We make it easy.

Non Discrimination Statement: The Insightful Interpreter strives to promote a learning environment of mutual respect where individuals' identities and lived experiences are honored and celebrated.  We do not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or any other protected class.

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